There are a lot of social media platforms for Michiganders to choose from but which ones do they hate the most?

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Social Media

Most but not all Michiganders use some sort of social media to communicate with family and friends or to acquire entertaining music or videos.

Over the years of using social media, I have found that when I get good at using a platform the company decides to change how it all works, and I have to admit I have deleted a few accounts because of it.

Like social media or not, these apps are here to stay, and it's up to each individual to decide what platform or platforms best suit their needs and which ones to delete.

What Are Michigan's Most Hated Social Media Platforms?

Of all the states in the United States, it appears that Michigan residents hate social media the most. Based on monthly search averages for deactivation a social app and list was compiled of the social media platforms Michiganders dislike the most ranked from 5 to 1:

#5 Reddit

Cybersecurity experts looked at Google searches in Michigan where people searched for how to delete the Reddit app making it the number 5 most hated social app in the state with 904 searches.

#4  Twitter/X

Twitter/X is the one I thought would be number one because of all the crazy changes Elon Musk has made since buying the platform. Plus Facebook's new social app Thread is designed to directly compete with Twitter I figured more people would have already made the switch. 4,421 Michiganders have searched how to delete their Twitter account but I do expect that number to rise.

#3 Snapchat

Ever since Tik Tok came along I don't seem to hear as much about Snapchat any longer and according to the data 8,018 Michiganders have looked into deleting the platform from their phone.

#2 Instagram

I really didn't think Instagram would even be in the top 5 let alone be number 2 on the list of apps Michiganders have searched to delete. 27,177 Michigan residents have looked up how to delete their accounts.

#1 Facebook

On one hand, it makes the most sense for Facebook to be number one since the platform has more users than any other social media app. I still thought Twitter/X would hold this position seeing how the platform really turned its back on its core users. The monthly average number of Michiganders that searched how to delete Facebook is 29,868.

Data used for this story came from a study conducted by cybersecurity experts.

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