Last night was Hollywood's biggest night, where stars from the year's biggest and most acclaimed movies get into one room and win awards that really have no value but people make a massive deal out of, turning art into a popularity contest. Sorry, that was a little critical. Let's move along.



Jimmy Kimmel once again hosted this year's show, and amongst the glam and speeches, the show was interrupted by a streak taking the stage. If you thought an actor or movie winning an award no one expected, imagine the shock of finding a beefed-up naked man storming the stage, coincidentally 50 years after the Oscar's infamous streaking incident (which David Niven dishes out the best burn imaginable).



WWE Star turned A-list actor John Cena provided the audience both close and afar with possibly one of the most incredible bits imaginable. No, not those bits. John informs Jimmy that he has changed his mind about streaking before announcing the winner for Best Costume Design. Jimmy, disappointed, tells John he still needs to present the award.


I'm sure John wishes the audience Couldn't See Him whilst he waddled across the stage, only covering his poor thing with the envelope that announced Poor Thing had won the Oscar. You have to commend John for this one. He put a lot on the line for this joke, and it was hands down one of the best things that happened last night, a close contender with Ryan Gosling's performance of I'm Just Ken.



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