During the offseason following the 2023 seasons for the USFL and the XFL, they had decisions to make as they were both trying to make a name for themselves and become the summer football league. The XFL which was owned by Dwayne Johnson and a few others met with the USFL and they decided to merge their two leagues together to create the UFL.

The UFL has 3 teams from the USFL and 5 teams from the XFL and they are split in two conferences with 4 teams each. The Michigan Panthers were one of the 3 teams that made the cut from the USFL, where they shared a home stadium with the Philadelphia Stars. They both played their games at Ford Field and the Panthers will continue to host their games there this year. The Michigan Panthers have released their schedule and have affordable tickets available online.

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The Michigan Panthers open their season up on March 30th, with a home game in the city of Detroit. They will be using Ford Field for all of their home games which is also home to the Detroit Lions. They will be playing host to St Louis Battlehawks at 4pm, meanwhile the game will be streamed on Fox, Fox Sports, and Sirius XM. It's okay if you can't make it out to first, there are more home games to come.

The Panthers start their season with 3 straight home games and 2 more coming in Weeks 6 and 8. The regular season is 10 games long and split down the middle with 5 home and away games each. The Panthers will play on March 30, April 7, 14, 20, 28th, and May 5, 12, 18, 26, and June 1. Their home games are March 30, April 7, 14, and May 5 and 18.

Tickets are already available, and they are well within the reasonable price range no matter who you are. Tickets are starting at just $22 for general admission for single game tickets. The Michigan Panthers also have season ticket, group seating, and premium seating prices that vary depending on what you choose.

There's almost no excuse as to why you can't get out and support the Michigan Panthers as they look to claim the inaugural UFL Championship.

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