On Monday, January 8th, Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines made history as they won the school's first unanimous college football championship and finally were able to raise the College Football Playoff Championship trophy. As the Maize and Blue confetti fell from the roof of NRG Stadium in Houston, Michigan fans all over the world rejoiced and Jim had the biggest smile on his face. You could see that he was ecstatic to bring his alma mater a National Championship.

Now, this championship didn't come easy as Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines had to deal with several issues throughout this season that started during the offseason. Jim Harbaugh was suspected of recruiting violations and was suspended by the university for 3 games. Then, later on in the season he was suspended for another 3 games by the Big Ten for a sign-stealing saga that the team was accused of. With this and other challenges plaguing the season and NFL contracts looming, what are the chances that the prolific coach will return?

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After giving all the props to his players and staff, Jim turned the attention to the school and fans stating that it's been an honor to coach for the University he loves and to give them a national championship. This got the fans concerned as the conversations about what his next move could be began to swirl again. This has been an ongoing topic throughout the season and many fans believe he may go to the NFL.

In the video above you can see and hear as he's interviewed Scott Van Pelt of ESPN's Sportscenter directly after the game, some potential plans for the following year. He slipped up and said something about starting spring practice a little later than they normally do. Does this mean he'll be returning to the Wolverines or will they be starting later to find a new coach?

I would love for Jim Harbaugh to return to the University of Michigan and try to repeat as National Champions but what would you all like to see?

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