Hopefully you don't have to go outside but if you do, keep your skin covered because it only takes 15 minutes or less for frost bite to kick in.

According to FOX 17, the local health experts are saying Wednesday and Thursday are dangerous days to be outside and warn of frostbite.

Make sure you and especially your kids are bundled up tight if you have to get out in this cold. We are talking multiple layers of cloths. Keep all skin covered including fingers, face, ears because it only takes minutes in these type of temps to get frost bite.

If you or your kids are hurting or you feel like your skin is burning, that is a big indicator that you may have frost bite. Do not run hot water over your kids hands if they might have frost bite. It is better to use a warm cloth to contain the frost bite.

Also be on the look out for rosy cheeks or red areas on the face and hands for the early sign of frost bite. Another indicator is if your skin feels like its being poked by needles.

Believe it or not, but drinking lots of water and staying hydrated can help prevent frost bite.

Hypothermia can also happen if cloths get wet or a person's temperature falls below normal from the exposure to cold. A person's speech can even sound impaired or slurred if their body temperature drops drastically.

If you think you or children may have become hypothermic, the best thing to do is remove any wet clothing and wrap in warm blankets and call 911.


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