I've loved Cadburry's "Bunny Tryouts" commercial for YEARS. It's been around so long, I can imagine the company thinks it needs some freshening up.

So is your pet the next Cadburry commercial star?

Fox 17 is reporting that the company known for its chocolate eggs is holding a contest to find a talented pet to appear in their upcoming Easter commercial.

To enter, head to bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com, submit a pic of your pet, and explain in 50 words or less why your pet has what it takes to be the next Cadburry commercial star.

The top twenty pets will get a video audition in mid-March.

According to Cadburry,

"To win the prize, winning pet featured in Photo Submission and Video Submission must be able to perform for camera and remain reasonably stationary while wearing bunny ears."

The winner will get a spot in the reboot of the classic Cadburry Bunny Easter commercial and $5,000.

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