Bad news if you’re one of the people who file your taxes as soon as you get your W-2, so you can get the refund in the middle of January; the IRS is saying some refunds won’t go out until at least February 15th.

Not helpful if you use that check to pay off Christmas presents; Fox17 talked with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen:

“We want people to be aware of the change for their planning purposes during the holidays. We don’t want anyone caught by surprise if they get their refund a few weeks later than in previous years.”

The delays are coming from safeguards and a new law that is supposed to protect people from identity theft.

Delays are also expected for those who claim the earned income tax credit, which is usually used for working people with low to moderate income and the additional child tax credit, which is a tax credit for parents.   People claiming either of those credits won’t see your refund until February 15th at the earliest, due to a new law that requires the IRS to hold refunds until then.

If you don’t claim either of those credits (the EITC or ACTC) then you should still get your refund within 21 days of the IRS accepting your return.

source: Fox17