Today on Segment 16, the guys discussed how some of them have an irrational fear of trees, plus a local college now has laptop vending machines!

This weekend's weather led to Free Beer admitting that weather like that gives him an irrational fear of trees. He's afraid they'll fall on him, his car, his house, his children... Turns out, everyone kind of has that fear. So, is it irrational?

Then, we discuss a fun new vending machine at GRCC. It's a laptop vending machine! Contrary to what Hot Wings initially believed, it's not a vending machine that sits on your lap and spits out Fritos. It is, however, a vending machine where GRCC students can check out laptops for four hours at a time. Justin wouldn't use the service, but only because he's afraid people are using them to watch porn.

We also learn that Justin thinks that GRCC and GVSU are the same school...

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