An inmate whose testimony was the lynchpin to convicting two men for the murder of Shannon Siders, says he lied every step of the way.

The murder of Shannon Siders took place in 1989. It took 26 years for this case to finally go to the court where two Newaygo County brothers, Paul and Mathew Jones, were convicted.

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Two separate juries determined that the Jones brothers were guilty of murder in the violent beating death of Siders.

51-year-old convicted criminal Dean Allan Robinson signed an affidavit stating his testimony that was given during the trial was given to him by law enforcement.

MLive reported, "I did not have any personal knowledge regarding Matt or Paul Jones, nor did I witness their involvement in a homicide. Up until the point I testified during the trial, I had never seen Matt or Paul Jones. I was lying under oath when I testified about any matter about Matt or Paul Jones being involved in a homicide", said Robinson.

That is a pretty strong statement from Robinson who is in prison for assault with intent to commit great bodily harm.

This is tricky for the Jones brothers who have denied killing Siders from day one and exhausted their appeals.

A private investigator by the name of Bill Proctor is working to try and get the Jones brothers another trial. Proctor has previously helped free 10 people who were wrongfully convicted.

Proctor and the Jones brother's attorney will have to convince a judge using strong evidence to see if a new trial can take place.

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