Wednesday night, September 27th, In This Moment hit Kalamazoo on their Half God/Half Devil tour, with Of Mice & Men, and Avatar. It was a great show at Wings Event Center, and all three bands crushed!

WGRD took over Wings Event Center for the show, and we even got some fans of the band in to meet In This Moment! We took over Wings' Instagram, and even jumped on stage for a brief moment of fun before In This Moment took the stage to kick ass.

Opening the show, Avatar brought their fantastic and fun Swedish metal to Kalamazoo. These guys have been in the area several times over the last couple years, and their show is fun, and the band kicks ass. The twin guitar attack is something I'm a big fan of, and they use it several times to great effect, including the intro to "The Eagle Has Landed".

Then, Of Mice & Men hit the stage for a pummeling show. So much red light. These guys are really heavy live, and keep the energy going throughout, and had people moshing pretty hard during their set.

Then, the In This Moment everyone was waiting for...haha...the band took to the stage with their big hit, "Blood", and went right into "River of Fire", from their latest album, Ritual. Very cool song, and then they launched into a full set that satisfied fans and casual listeners alike. Great band, and Maria sounds good, and is still intense on stage.

Great show!

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