We recently reported that In This Moment would be releasing their forthcoming album Mother sometime this summer. According to vocalist and creative mastermind Maria Brink, we now know that the album will feature four "jaw-dropping" guest vocalists. In a new interview with Loudwire Nights, Brink sheds some light on the inspirations for the upcoming LP. Listen to the interview above, and read transcribed highlights below.

Brink's creative process when it comes to writing an album is quite unique. She gathers photos and materials together to percolate ideas for a centralized theme, and constructs a storyboard based on it. This way, when the band members go in together to write the songs, they are united in what the content should focus on.

As for Mother, the eccentric frontwoman chose photos of Queen Elizabeth, Mother Mary and groups of women wearing veils in forests as her inspiration for the generalized idea. "I'm always searching for inspiration and searching for something new, something intriguing. It's art, and I try not to be complacent in what I'm in - I always want to try to expand," she says.

Apparently, there will be four "special guest" singers featured on the album, though Brink wasn't able to reveal who they are just yet. "I think people are gonna be like, jaw-dropping," she enthuses, keeping the ambiguity. Considering they recruited Judas Priest's Rob Halford for the Ritual single "Black Wedding," one can only imagine who will appear this time around.

Anyone who has seen In This Moment perform live knows that the theatrical performance is almost as important to the band as the music is itself. There are structures, props, wardrobe changes, intense light shows and fog effects as well. Brink is heavily involved in directing the creative process of choosing which elements go with each song, but assures that the music is the initial foundation.

"The music itself has to be first, and that has to be like, 'Does it give me goosebumps? Does it make me feel a certain way?' Just hearing the music in the dark with no visual. And when that magic starts happening, then I try to start bringing in my mind colors for the live show," the singer says. She admits she has obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is why she finds other tasks to work on for the performance once the music is finished.

"I think there's definitely some surprises in [the new album], and I think it's a next step for us and for me," Brink adds. "I definitely am proud of my vocal performance on this next album, maybe more so than I ever have been, so I'm really excited about that."

In This Moment are on tour the rest of the summer with Five Finger Death Punch. See the dates here.

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