We learn valuable lessons while we're young, so we don't repeat them later in life. I'm pretty sure this young man now knows he can't be in car while attending a Zoom hearing about a suspended license.

For the second time in a week, Judge Jeffery Middleton in St. Joseph County has had to chastise someone for showing up for a Zoom hearing in the wrong place.

Last week Middleton had to have someone arrested for being in his girlfriend's house while there was a no-contact order issued.

Now, he was forced to take driving privileges away from a man who showed up to his virtual hearing in the driver's seat of a car.

Bad move, dude. The judge was not happy, and now you're not driving for a while. I hope your mom has enough free time to cart you around.

He told the defendant, Jacob Keokuk:

The one I'm struggling with is the driving suspended. I believe you drove wherever you are in the vehicle you're in, and you're dumb enough to come on video with you sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle. So it makes me think maybe you haven't really gotten the message.

Jacob claimed the vehicle belonged to his boss and insisted that he didn't drive it. He was fined and spent the weekend in jail

Please don't let this keep you away from St. Joseph County. It's beautiful there and not everyone is this dumb, I promise you.


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