A&E's popular crime-docuseries 'I Survived a Serial Killer' has a new episode that explores the monstrous actions of convicted West Michigan killer Jeffery Willis.


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A&E's New True Crime Show

True Crime has been in the A&E programing stable for years. If you go to their website the block of videos that is dedicated to it is actually called A&E's Crime Central. With over 20 different true crime documentaries and series there's never a lack of things to watch.

Their lineup of shows include Cold Case Files, 60 Days In, The First 48, Nightwatch, I Survived and so many other popular True Crime shows. Plus they have free online content where you can stream over 1,500 commercial-free videos anytime.

A&E Crime Central - Trevor S - TSM
A&E Crime Central - Trevor S - TSM

'I Survived a Serial Killer' is a new show based off the A&E series 'I Survived' in which they document the traumatic and resilient journeys of crime survivors.

In 'I Survived a Serial Killer' they feature one or more survivors of the same serial killers. Each episode is told from the survivors' point of view. The series displays the strength and perseverance of the survivors encountering and overcoming pure evil.

This is your Final Warning, we're about to get into specifics in the episode.


Rural Road Reaper

The monsterous actions of Jeffery Willis will be stain in minds of West Michigan residents for years. For those of those who weren't around or don't remember the Muskegon county murders, the episode synopsis of 'I Survived a Serial Killer - Rural Road Reaper' reads like this...

In April of 2016, 16-year-old Madison Nygard is walking home from a party in rural Muskegon County, MI when she realizes that she has become lost. When a passing driver pulls over and offers his assistance, Madison is relieved. Little does she realize, that her would-be savior is actually a serial killer–and is eager to make his next kill. In her own words, Madison retells the tale of her brave leap to freedom and her harrowing, narrow escape from a sadistic and depraved predator.

In a terrifying situation Madison narrowly escapes. Her drive to survive helped identify and catch the monster who was responsible for multiple murders throughout the county.

At the time, Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson said this,

“In my career – and I’ve been doing this almost 19 years -- This man is probably one of the most dangerous men I hope to ever encounter. He shows no remorse...I’m going to sleep very well tonight knowing Mr. Willis will never see the light of day."

Jeffrey Willis was to sentenced to life in prison without parole for the 2013 abduction and murder of Jessica Heeringa and the 2014 murder of Rebekah Bletsch. Willis was charged, but not tried in the kidnapping of Nygard.

You can find the episode here.

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