iPhone 6
Johnnie Walker

Apple announced it's latest iPhones this week, as well as their new Watch.  A lot of people are really excited about the new products.  A lot of people just see this as another opportunity to ridicule the brand and everything it stands for.

I have an iPhone, and also Mac computers.  I really do like them, and they do everything I want them to do.

But I totally understand the issues people have with them.

Are they groundbreaking with brand new tech every time?

No.  A lot of times, they're just doing their own versions of tech other phones already have.  Some people want the newest tech NOW, and hate Apple because they will be late to the party.

I have no problem waiting until the product actually works.

Apple Watch?  Meh, not super interested, but that doesn't mean I think it's stupid.  Some people want to go back to the Marty McFly calculator watch from the 80's, and that's great for them.

My one Apple gripe.

The f*****g U2 album in my downloads folder.  If I wanted a s*** band in my library, I'd go get it.  Don't force this band that I hate on me.  The only freaking people excited about the new U2 album, other than U2, is Rolling Stone magazine.  One of the lamest mags ever.