I have heard about Muskegon Lake for many years and have never fished it, but this weekend...it's on!

I grew up on the east side of the state of Michigan and coming from a family that fishes, I met a lot of guys through my dad and other fishing buddies of mine and any of them that fish for walleye always brought up Muskegon Lake.

Sure you can slay the walleye in the Detroit River and Saginaw Bay but I just don't feel like driving that far anymore.

Actually I used to go to Port Huron in the spring and fish off the shore in a little park, and that was still one of the best places I have ever fished for walleye. You can really catch some big fish in the Detroit River.

I have been trying to catch some walleye in the Hardy Pond and Croton Pond and have only had a little luck. Granted, I haven't fished at night in either place but night time is better than the day time...at least for me anyway.

When I was researching walleye fishing in the area, people recommended Hardy Pond, Croton Pond and the Muskegon River. The one place most walleye guys in the area said to go was Muskegon Lake.

Everyone I have talked to about Muskegon Lake has raved about the walleye fishing.

So this weekend, one of my best friends from Indiana, Adam, will be coming up for the weekend and we have our sites set on Muskegon Lake.

I have a really good map of the lake that has all the depths and quite a bit of information about the lake as well. Plus, being the research nerd I am, I have downloaded tons of articles on spots and tips on getting the walleye in Muskegon Lake.

Plus my buddy Adam knows a pro walleye fisherman who has fished Muskegon Lake a lot and he is marking some spots he has done very well at for us to try and fish.

I have seen fishing TV shows about Muskegon Lake. People catching walleye, pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, crappie and perch as well as salmon and brown trout. I hear there are a few musky in there as well.

I know it's bow season and I should be up in a tree hunting some whitetail deer, but I hear the walleye are biting so I gonna hit the water this weekend in hopes of some tasty marble eyes.

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