Surge came back, French Toast Crunch arrived on shelves...the one other thing that I was excited to see come back was Crispy M&M's! Those things were delicious back in the day!

So why is it that I can't find them!?

I will be honest though, I haven't really tried that hard to find this glorious candy. I have been on Surge overload since it came back on the market, so finding this old school candy hasn't been on the top of my list. However, I would like to have a bag!

The only place I tried was Meijer and Family Fare in Grandville, and I couldn't find it there! I kind figured a place like Meijer would carry this candy, but nope! NOTHING!

If you have found these fine candies in the Grand Rapids area, let me know in the comments below so I can re-connect with this great childhood treasure.