COVID-19 in 2020 shutdown hunter safety classes in Norton Shores, Michigan, but this year the program will make a comeback.

Getting young people involved in the outdoors is one of the great opportunities we all have in the great state of Michigan. One of the best tools a young person can have is the knowledge they will gain from a hunter safety class, even if the child decides not to be a hunter.

According to WZZM, the Norton Shores Police Department has brought back their long running hunter safety course back after a year off from the pandemic.

The Norton Shores Police Department run the hunter safety program twice a year. The free class happens every April and August and they usually have a big turnout for the program. This weekend alone close to 100 new hunters will attend and hopefully all get certified so they can legally be in the woods this season.

Many officers spend a lifetime with guns and are big on getting in the outdoors. So what better people to learn from because odds are, they've seen or heard it all when it comes to what not to do in the woods and when handling a firearm.

A group of retired and current members of the police force teach the the classes and they do this by volunteering their time which is pretty darn cool in my book.

Safety is the key to really enjoying the outdoors. New hunters will learn first aid, tracking animals, tree stand safety, proper handling of firearms and an introduction to archery.

If you were hoping to get your kids signed up for this class, you are going to have to wait until April of 2022 since the August class is all full. If you are determined to get your child in a hunter safety class, click here for other locations in West Michigan.

The rules on obtaining a Michigan hunting license are, if you were born on or after January 1, 1960, it is required by law that you successfully complete an approved hunter education course. This is something you can do most of online but you will still have to do a field day in person course to complete the program.

My oldest boy did they online class then I signed him up to attend a class in Croton that was also taught by members of the local police and it was a fantastic class.

If you have a family member or friend who is thinking about taking hunter safety, click here for everything you will need to know.

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