Ok guys....if you go to jail, you cannot ask your mother to stick drugs in her butt and smuggle them into jail for you....haha....thats just not something you ask your mother to do!!   Meet the coke mom jail butt smuggler here….

And I would like you to meet 22 year old Donald Dudrow from Toledo Ohio.  Donald is a douche bag.   Couple weeks ago Donald was busted on a probation violation....been in jail ever since....last week he wrote a letter to his mom from jail....telling his mom that he was addicted to cocaine and he really needed her help.  And what he needed her to do, was smuggle some cocaine into jail for him by sticking it in a baggy and jamming it into her butt.  He even wrote down the name  and phone number of his drug dealer for her.......however, when the guy addressed the letter, he wrote down the wrong zip code on the address and the letter was returned to sender (the jail).....and according to jail policy, they read all incoming mail....so of course they read his letter, asking his mom to stick coke in her butt....and now he's been charged with "conspiracy to traffic drugs into a correctional facility"......hahaha....what a douche!

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