Lots of bad things can happen in elevators. There's all the awkward conversations about the weather: "Yep. Sure is cold out there. Snow. Yeah."

There's the people who stand way too close to you.

People who fart.

You could get stuck in an elevator with a crazy guy who threatens security guards by singing Metallica and non-stop pushes the emergency button.

But probably the very worst thing that could happen in an elevator would be, you know, death. Say your stuck inside this steel box when it suddenly comes off it's cables and goes into a into a free-fall. Totally terrifying, right? Luckily, researchers at the MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering have figured out the best way to survive if you ever find yourself stuck in a falling elevator.

This 2 minute video from Business Insider suggest lying flat on the floor in the center of the car to distribute your weight more evenly and spread the force of impact over the greatest area of your body.

Also reassuring is that elevator accidents are extremely rare, and your chances of dying on an elevator are just .00000015%

In fact, you are 60 times more likely to die taking the stairs.

Now you have even more of a reason to tell those exercise enthusiasts no, you will not be taking the stairs. Because science.