I had so many plans for New Years Eve, yet as always they just fall though the pooper when the first beer passes my lips.
I was planning on dressing 80's and rocking out at an Awesome 80's New Year. Well something in my head said it was a good idea to drink some naty light while I showered, then while I did my makeup, then again while I finished my hair. I was trying to pull together a sweet 80's look but all I could see in the mirror was bright obnoxious colors and couldn't bring myself to leave the house!
I ended up in my go-to "going out" dress and beebopped on over to dinner with Dahmer and Producer Steve! There I managed to kill off 2 tall beers and a shot.
After a delicious dinner we decided to head over to the 80's shindig and boogie but I insisted we stop over to my hotel first and drink a few more beers... (Even Dahmer knew this was a bad idea, but he let me anyway)
We went upstairs killed about 4 more beers (are you keeping count, because someone should I most certainly did not.) We then finally made our way to the 80's party. I had a complete riot dancing and acting like a fool while Dahmer I can only assume trolled for strange while sipping on bud light.
After that I realized okay I may need to take it down a notch I am starting to feel sick. So we walked across the street to another bar where I proceeded to pound 3 more beers and some champagne.
I think at this point you can imagine my state of mind. I some how managed to let the band allow me to join them on stage in some obnoxious impromptu singing to 38 Special.
After that I have no idea what happened, I woke up in my hotel in my dress and shoes with one of those plastic 'Happy New Years' crowns stuck to my head...
good times.