Last summer I represented our beautiful state of Michigan at the Galaxy International Pageant in Orlando, Florida. What's cool about the Galaxy system is that it is an international system, which means not only do girls from all over the USA attend the pageant but girls from all over the WORLD attend!

We had girls from the Bahamas, England, Scotland and Whales, Africa, and of course Ireland! That is were I met my friend Katherine, who is now GRD's official pen-pal!
Katherine and I became fast friends, and hung out most of the week we were in Orlando, Florida. I forget sometimes that for me traveling to Orlando really isn't that big of a deal, but for someone from a very small country like Ireland traveling to America for the first time is a pretty sweet experience!
So that is my story of how I met my Irish buddy Katherine! Feel free to read the letters she writes us and ask her your own questions you have about her, and her life in Ireland by clicking HERE.