Today on Segment 16, the guys go through the candidates for the Whitecaps new menu items. Some of them sound like they'd be pretty good, others sound like...someone is just testing our gag reflex.

There are some interesting items up for the fan voting this year, including Deep Fried Bubble Gum (something pink with white goo inside), Dessert Fries (french fries with chocolate and strawberry sauce), Nacho Mama's PB&J (fried PB&J coated in Doritos), and The Alan Spammell (fried Spam, mac-and-cheese, on a bun).

The Mighty Mac Dog looks pretty decent (mac-and-cheese and bacon on a hot dog), and the I Full Tower (corndog wrapped in onion rings) looks simple and tasty.

What do you think? Think your gut can handle some of these recipes for the upcoming baseball season?

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