I love Halloween. I've not made this a secret. This is the single most fun holiday ever celebrated, and it tops Christmas for the sheer amount of fun you can have.

OK, getting gifts for Christmas is pretty cool, too.

Going through a good haunted house, or something like the Witches Woods at the New Salem Corn Maze is a really cool experience, and every time you go through, there's still a fun thrill about it.

But McKamey Manor seems to be a little bit too far for me. Not only is it a haunted house where they can touch you, and you sign a waiver, but they will literally torture you, cover you in gore, make you eat rotten stuff, let bugs crawl on you -- basically everything they can do make you pee yourself and vomit.

The website makes it clear that you have to make reservations, as you're going to be in there, being tortured and terrified for FOUR TO SEVEN HOURS!

So, if you want to basically star in your own torture-porn experience, make the trip to San Diego and get yourself into the McKamey Manor. It's open year-round, so you can go even when it's not Halloween!

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