Today on Segment 16, the guys talk with Brent Ashcroft, who's got an amazing story coming out after the Oscars this weekend, about a boy's Make a Wish coming true, with a huge Star Wars experience, and getting a Skype call with Mark Hamill himself!

WZZM's Brent Ashcroft met Bo Velarde-Chan, and tells the story of how they met, and how they managed to get Bo's Make a Wish granted, including a special Star Wars moment at Gerald R. Ford Airport. As the boy and his family was leaving to go on their Make a Wish flight, ann announcement was made about a Star Destroyer landing at the gate, and costumed characters came out to visit Bo.

Not long after, Mark Hamill himself tweeted to Bo with a link to the story Brent did, sharing it with 1.6 million Twitter followers!

Then, 24 hours later, Mark Hamill began following Brent, which led to DMs about Mark making a Skype call to Bo, which Luke Skywalker was totally happy to do!

The full story comes out on Sunday after the Oscars on WZZM.

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