I'm a huge fan of metal and shred guitar playing. It's some of my favorite stuff to listen to, and it's always great to see a band that can really shred live. That's why I've been excited to see Holy Grail at the Stache with Devildriver. Sadly, I missed the other bands Incite, Hemlock, and local metallers SkinJacket. But as I walked in, Holy Grail was setting up and getting ready to play.

I've been following guitarist Alex Lee since he was in another California thrash band called Bonded By Blood, and when he left that band and joined Holy Grail, I knew I had to check them out. I'm glad I did, as Eli Santana is also an amazing guitar player! Eli also plays in Huntress with crazy stony witch Jill Janus. I just like saying that, haha!

Holy Grail did not disappoint shred-wise. If you like your old-school thrash, you'll like Holy Grail. Pounding drums, shredding guitars, and raspy singing all take you back to the heyday of thrash metal.

These guys can play, and there's a lot of not only solos, but harmony guitar parts, which are freaking awesome for me! I love me some guitar harmonies.

Whether you're into the style or not, it's always awesome to watch some great guitar shred. Enjoy!

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