Most people who know Hollywood Undead can tell you these guys like to have fun. That was pretty obvious when the group took the time to play cornhole toss with some GRD winners before their show at the Orbit Room last night (May 25). After JT and I got our asses handed to us when we played against the rap rockers, I talked with J-Dog and Johnny 3 Tears backstage.

The first time I saw Hollywood Undead live was last weekend at Rock On The Range. They played the F.Y.E. stage and killed it.

"It's cool closing out those stages because like you said, that's it," said Johnny. "It was a lot of fun."

HU released their second studio album, American Tragedy, in April to much anticipation. Former vocalist Deuce departed from the band in 2010 and was replaced by Lorene Drive singer Danny Murillo. According to J-Dog, the transition between the two vocalists wasn't a problem.

"That was actually something that happened pretty natural," said J-Dog. "When you switch a member from any band, it's almost worrying like, 'Oh f___, what's going to happen now? Is this going to work right?'

"With him (Danny), it just kind of happened so perfect that it wasn't even a question, especially live. He's so much better than what we had before. We're more than happy now."

I brought up Matt from 10 Years saying how his band showed Hollywood Undead how to party, and Johnny and J-Dog politely disagreed.

"There is one dude who parties like insane, but he'll smoke crack and stuff," joked Johnny. "So I'm not gonna do that. That's not technically partying, that's just being a crackhead."

J-Dog added: "When we party, we're way more out there. When those guys (10 Years) party, they'll be kind of quiet and sit on the bus and party with each other. Smoke some rock. We'll be outside at bars and strip clubs doing different stuff. Those dudes do party hard, but we party different."

Watch the whole interview below. Matt from 10 Years actually makes a cameo. J-Dog and Johnny then start talking about f___ was weird. Did you go to the show last night?

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