10 Years drummer Matt Brown is a very funny person and it was a pleasure sitting down with him at Rock On The Range. Topics discussed included hipster fashion, the problem with SXSW, partying harder than tour mates Hollywood Undead and more.

The first time I saw 10 Years live was earlier this year at SXSW in Austin, TX. I asked Brown how that experience was.

"The SXSW thing is great but for us it was like, 'Ok, this is different. We're already out touring. We're already signed. Why are we playing an unsigned music festival for a bunch of people that have already heard us and seen us?'

Brown explored the different venues in Austin while 10 Years were in town but quickly realized it was a different scene than what he's used to.

"(Guitarist Brian Vodinh) and I walked around and kind of checked everything out, and quickly figured out we don't belong there," Brown shared. "I didn't know what was a guy, what was a girl. The fashion is just so beyond control. It's basically take the ugliest things you could ever imagine to put on your body and try to make them look even more uncoordinated than they already were."

"The weirdest part for me as I was walking down....hopped in and out of couple of the venues to check out some of the bands, and nobody was watching the bands. The bands are playing their hearts out and everyone is on their phones. Texting, updating Facebook, whatever, and it's like, 'What's the point of this giant festival if no one is going to pay attention to what's happening?'

I have to admit, I witnessed a lot of that myself when I was checking out bands at SXSW. It's one thing to take a photo of the show you're watching and upload it to Facebook and Twitter, but some people were oblivious to what was going on around them, completely fixated on their phones.

Watch the interview in its entirety below. 10 Years are playing tonight (May 25) at the Orbit Room, along with Hollywood Undead, Drive A and New Medicine. Tickets are still available at the Orbit Room box office. Hope to see you there!

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