You've heard of the flaming bag of poo on the front porch prank... but a poop package through the mail?

WZZM-13 reports that a woman named Donna, who wishes only to go by her first name, got such a delivery in her mailbox last week at her home in Holland.

When she opened the package, inside was a ziplock bag, full of what appeared to be feces.

A note read "You've been pooped on want to know by whom? Turn over."

But when Donna's put on some gloves and got the note out, the other side just said, "You'll never find out who did this."

Donna does own a dog, so she is concerned that it seemed to be targeted.

A PO Box on the package was traced back to

And well, their name is pretty self-explanatory. Still, that doesn't get to the bottom of who used the service to send the package to Donna...

It's a real poop perplexity.

As for if it's actual poo, here's what says about that,

"Is it real poop?

Only the mad scientist that packs this stuff in the back room knows for sure and he wouldn't tell us, but we do know this, it really smells bad back there, he is mixing up shit, and he does visit the local dairy farm and zoo about twice a week. (We also don't want the delivery company to actually know what kind of shit they're delivering.) We can assure you that it looks nasty and really stinks. It will get the point across to your intended victim."

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