A flock of wild turkeys made their home in Park Township near Holland, and now four teenagers are facing charges after one of them was clubbed to death.

The wild turkey family consisting of a male, female and three young chicks have been hanging out in the Waukazoo Woods neighborhood since the late spring, and the residents say the birds were peaceful and never caused a problem.

Which is why they were puzzled over the Fourth of July holiday when the male male turkey was found clubbed to death after having been run over by a car.

“I was pretty shocked,” neighborhood resident Joe Turk told WZZM-13. “I think everybody around here has seen these turkeys go up and down the street.”

“The turkey was known by several different names in the neighborhood,” Cathy Cook told WZZM. “Some called him Mr. Gobbles. We called him Earl. He left behind a wife and three babies. They are also around in the neighborhood.”

Four teenagers have been charged with unlawfully taking a turkey out of season. They have not been identified, but the group is said to have included at least one female. All are 18 years old.


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