This is probably one of the best things the city of Holland can do for their residents!

The Holland Sentinel reports that the city council approved the ordinance at their meeting earlier this week which allows people to have miniature pigs as pets.

...a minipig weighs 120 pounds or less at maturity. They are also pigs not used for livestock, food or fiber.

A pig will be treated the same as a dog so a permit will not be required and two pigs per household will be allowed.

The matter got brought up after someone was concerned over keeping their pig. There was no clear law regarding the issue so an ordinance was initiated. The council believes that other animals will be considered [in the future] for the ordinance too, such as pet pigeons (say what? LOL)

And since we're on the topic, can we just acknowledge that Ariana Grande's pig, Piggie Smalls, has the best name ever?!

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