This elderly couple hoarded everything from dirty dishes, to 20-year-old letters, and even dead cats! 

One step into the Ellis' home and the smell is pungent, the carpet is wet from 20 different cats' pee, and there is junk absolutely everywhere.

John Ellis even would throw dead cats in the backyard and when they ran out of room there, a freezer was the next best option.

Neighbors absolutely hated the mess as well, even saying when the wind blows just right the stench goes with it.

So to help this couple and their neighborhood escape the dump the house has become, Spaulding Decon was called in and will be doing the cleanup completely free as a gift to the couple for the holidays.

We're still baffled that the freezer was deemed the best place to put the dead cats, hoarding dead cats, just *shudders* what the hell?

Like Joe said, there's always a random dirt road to put them! (Please don't take that part seriously, dispose of your dead animals properly and safely.)

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