Nearly everyone from Michigan, no matter the peninsula, takes pride in the UP. Miles of unspoiled country and Great Lakes shorelines for days. Plus, we got it in trade for Toledo. Thanks Ohio, sorry Wisconsin.

However Yoopers don't always feel the love from trolls, those Michiganders who live below the Mackinac Bridge. The region gets very little love and recognition from the state with its population centers to the south. The UP seriously considers breaking away as their own state of Superior.

Need another example of how neglected the Upper Peninsula is at times? There's an entire community on reddit dedicated to maps that forget to include the UP.

So how might a Michigander from the UP want to put things into perceptive? Probably this shirt which shows the Upper Peninsula way out of proportion to the Lower including the caption, "The Higher the Latitude, the Better the Attitude." A bit of a role reversal on the much more common thought that changes in latitude, changes in attitude means heading south.

If you want to own the shirt, you can on Amazon.

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