It all started with the Little Caesars "Pizza-Pizza Guy" on the roof of the new Red Wings Arena in downtown Detroit. There's a hidden message in the logo that I've never spotted before. Can you see it?

There are many famous hidden messages in logos. There's a "MOM" in the necklace worn by "Wendy." Of course you know about the hidden arrow in the Fed Ex logo - once you see it, you can never un-see it.

So what is the hidden Little Caesars message?


Want a hint? It's in his toga. Those lines aren't random. Look closely. LC LC LC LC for Little Caesars.

How has no one ever noticed this before? It feels as if we've stumbled on some arcane piece of hidden pizza knowledge.

Want to see the most gigantic Little Caesar logo around? WXYZ-TV in Detroit reported on a controversy surrounding the roof of the new arena sporting the humongous logo.

BONUS VIDEO - When Little Caesars Made Breakfast

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