If you love to go sledding, here are some of the steepest, longest, and most creative sled hills from around the world.

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Growing up in Michigan, most people at some point have found themselves going down a sled. Maybe a small hill in the backyard, a local hill at a park, or some of the amazing tube runs that are located at ski lodges all around the state.

Steepest Hill in the World

It seems no matter how big the hill I find, I still crave a hill that is a little bigger. You might be the same way, so I did a little digging and found some guys in Utah that claim to sled down the steepest hill in the world. Wait until you see how these guys got to the top of the hill. My guess is you only go down once.

Sledding Down a Mountain

I have had to climb back up hills to sled back down but this next video is definitely a one-run hill. What is really cool about sledding down this 12,280 ft. mountain you actually get a pretty good idea of what it would look like to be the one sledding down this mountain.

Longest Sled Ride Ever

It is one thing to go down a steep hill but there is nothing like a real long sled ride, especially if it's fast. What is impressive about this sled ride, it is on one of the old classic sleds with the iron skis and wood bottom with the wood piece at the end you steer with your feet. My sister and I use to sled on one of these and if you are on the right hill, this type of sled can be a lot of fun.

Homemade Sled Run

Here is a homemade sled run that was built by hand using a shovel and took 40 hours to complete. I'm not sure I would want to put that much work into building a sled run, but then again, depending on where you live, it might be necessary. This hill is a sheet of ice so I don't think speed will be a problem.

Dad Build Luge Track in Backyard

About a year ago there was a story of a dad in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who built a luge track in his backyard. I have to admit this was a pretty cool thing for a dad to do and he made his kid the coolest on the block. It just shows how creative people can be.

Best Winter Falls

It wouldn't be complete unless I found some sledding fails, plus who doesn't love a good sled wipe out? These crashes have families, kids, teenagers, and adults in their very own epic "Wild World of Sports Moments."

Hopefully, you can find a sled hill near you for some family fun. Just don't forget to have the video on your phone ready because you never know what may happen.

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