If we want to continue to be called "Beer City, USA", there are some things we need to do to help our favorite craft breweries.

According to WOOD, COVID-19 has hit our local taprooms hard here in Beer City, USA aka Grand Rapids. Mich. Nearly 90% of small breweries have been severely impacted by having to close their doors.

If you like/love a certain beer from a local brewery or taproom, most are offering curbside service and others are delivering. Give your favorite brewery a call or check their website.

Alcohol sales have never been higher but that is being done mostly in liquor and grocery stores. Not every local brewery can get their beers distributed in stores and they are the ones that are hurting the most.

Many of the local craft breweries and tap houses also make some great food, so next time you order up a six pack of your favorite local brew, maybe save yourself an evening over the stove and order yourself a meal to go along with your tall boys.

Let's keep "Beer City, USA" alive from big breweries all the way down to the smallest of them all. Cheers!

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