I came across this GoFundMe campaign for a really good cause in Muskegon that’s trying to help kids in the area go on a “Family Bike Ride” this coming Sunday, Father’s Day.

Matthew Gongalski is the creator of the campaign, as well as owner of Rad Dads Tacos & Tequila Bar and he says in the GoFundMe campaign description and video below that he came up with the idea of this 'Family Bike Ride' after being on a bike ride with his kids while on vacation, and a group of other kids joined in for part of the ride.  He says in the description the conversations they all had stuck with him because they were surprised he, "as a dad", was riding bikes with his kids and how they wished they had that too.  That gave him the idea of this big bike ride.  He said he hates the fact that some kids don’t know if they’re loved, so he wants to do this event.

He has a goal of giving 100 bikes to 100 kids, with helmets and bike locks. He says he’s halfway there but still needs help.  The GoFundMe campaign is currently just under $5000, he’s hoping to collect $10,000 for the bikes. You can donate online or at Rad Dads Tacos & Tequila Bar, 470 W. Western Ave, in Muskegon.

If you want to join in on the 'Family Bike Ride' on Father’s Day, they’re starting off at LC Walker Arena in Muskegon, at 2 pm, and after they grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone, they’ll take off on the ride.

This is such a great idea, I have a lot of good memories of childhood bike rides. Kudos, Matt!

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