Hellyeah hit the Intersection Tuesday night on the "We're All In This Together" tour, along with Escape the Fate, New Year's Day, and From Ashes to New. All the bands got the crowd moving and having a great time, making a ton of noise!

From Ashes to New kicked things off, with tons of energy, getting the crowd pumped for all the bands on the bill, and rocking new songs, including "Through It All". Check out "Downfall" kicking off their set below.

Next up was New Year's Day, and they hit the stage hard, and kept the energy going, getting the crowd to yell along with them for their set, that included "Kill or Be Killed". Check out that video below!

Then Escape the Fate hit the stage, and cranked things up eve higher, and they even parted the crowd to try a wall of death during their set. Check out "This World is Ours" below.

Finally, Hellyeah hit the stage with the title track to their last record "Sangre Por Sangre (Blood for Blood)", and didn't let up through the night. Their new album Undeniable comes out June 3rd, and they played some stuff, including "Human". Check out the show kickoff above!

Before the show, some lucky GRD winners got to get in to the Intersection and have a pizza party with the band, get some autographs, and get a photo with the band! Due to some incidents on the road, the band was late getting to the venue, but they still took care of all the fans, and held their paid VIP ticketholders as well!

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