Wednesday night, Hellyeah returned to Grand Rapids, for their first show at 20 Monroe Live, with Avatar, and Kyng. They show was loud, heavy, and awesome!

Hellyeah met with VIP ticket buyers and GRD winners before the show, and were really great with everyone, and that always helps get people super stoked for the show. Check out the meet and greet photos here.

Kyng hit the stage first, and I was really impressed. These guys are really good, and they songs are very cool. I like the harmonies the sing on several of the songs, and there was some cool melodies in there. Nice grooves, too.

Then, Avatar hit the stage. These guys continue to impress people every time they come to town. Great songs, cool stage visuals, and there's a lot of energy and fun up there. They're some odd characters, but with the costumes and makeup, it totally works for them. Great band.

Then, the main event, Hellyeah ripped up the stage and cranked the volume up REALLY high. Super loud show, and they kicked ass on stage. Chad talked to the crowd quite a bit, telling stories, and getting everyone into the show. The band was tight, and the songs sounded killer.

Enjoy the videos from all the bands here, and make sure to check them out in person the next time they come through town!

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