Some of the most popular videos in Loudwire history have been Hello Kitty jam sessions. Artists like Zakk Wylde and Mike Portnoy have gone viral playing rock and metal on children’s Hello Kitty instruments, so we put together some of the very best juxtaposed moments.

"Dave Lombardo wouldn't play this s--t!" Mike Portnoy wailed before starting a game of 'Name That Tune.' In the first-ever Hello Kitty session, Portnoy bashed through some simpler tunes like KISS' "Love Gun" but ultimately impressed fans by thrashing highly advanced cuts like Slayer's "Raining Blood" and Rush's "YYZ."

Zakk Wylde was our second-ever Hello Kitty performer and he had the artistic vision to take a different approach than Portnoy. Instead of playing a round of ‘Name That Tune,’ Wylde chose to transpose Black Sabbath's immortal "N.I.B." licks to a tiny axe while singing Ozzy Osbourne's iconic vocal lines.

Zakk, like his beloved New York Yankees, hit it out of the park with "N.I.B.," but we also added a little frosting to Zakk’s sonic cake. We conjured up an Ozzy Osbourne adaptation of the classic Hello Kitty mascot, which pops in at the most opportune times to add its aura to Zakk’s transcendental playing.

Artists who followed in Portnoy and Wylde’s Hello Kitty footsteps include John 5, Bumblefoot, Marty Friedman, Max Portnoy and others, so check them all out in these 10 Epic Hello Kitty Jam Sessions below.

10 Epic HELLO KITTY Jam Sessions

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