Watch as members of Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard and other "hair metal" bands give their opinions about the genre that killed their momentum -- grunge.

Warrant singer Jani Lane was one of the first hair metal artists to see the writing on the wall. While visiting Columbia Records during Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” heyday, Lane rejoiced as their record label had the artwork for Cherry Pie hanging proudly in their office. Two years later, while meeting with the label for Dog Eat Dog, Lane noticed that Warrant no longer took up that space, and the art for Alice in ChainsDirt was now up on that wall. “I was like, hmmmm,” Lane recalled. “I think we’ve slipped down the priority ladder.”

The members of Motley Crue all seemed to have different opinions on grunge. Nikki Sixx actually predicted the genre’s uprising back in 1989, claiming that glam had gotten corny and a musical revolution needed to happen. Tommy Lee ended up loving grunge music, even though it knocked Crue off their ‘80s pedestal. Vince Neil, however, didn't have anything good to say about grunge.

“I didn’t like it. I still don’t like it,” Neil told VH1. “I never understood about singing about how f—ked up your life is when everybody knows their lives are f—ked up. The next generation was more about teen angst and ‘I hate my parents,’ rather than, ‘Let’s go out, have some fun and f—k some chicks.’”

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