There's a new movie coming out, going back to the old "Ouija board summons evil crap" storyline. It's just called Ouija.  

Remember Witchboard? This looks sort of like that.

Have you ever done the whole Ouija thing? I mean, seriously?

I tried it at the last radio station I worked for, since there have been tons of reports of ghosts in the station building.  

I didn't get anything on the board, but we did experience some interesting things ... weird noises, etc. I did get abused by the rest of the staff, angry that I'd brought the Ouija board into the building.

A ghost did make some sounds, and opened a door, freaking out my buddy Scott, who was right next to the door when it opened by itself. Check out that video below!

What would you do if you did get something when you played with the Ouija? Freak out? Love it? Try to get possessed?

Here's the staff in El Paso, mad at me for bring a Ouija board into the office:

Here are some of the results of our radio ghost hunting:

Check out the trailer for the new movie: