This past Saturday at the Deltaplex, Hatebreed took the show by storm and showed Grand Rapids how to DESTROY EVERYTHING! Supports Five Finger Death Punch and All That Remains for the 'Share the Welt' Tour. I sat in with lead vocalist of Hatebreed Jamey Jasta as we discussed current plans for Hatebreed, a World Tour, and overall craziness on the road.

Hatebreed got their start back in 1994, but according to Jasta, didn't become the big time till 1998. Their first album Satisfaction is the Death of Desire, which sold more copies than any debut album on the Victory Records label.

Hatebreed really started to get notice when they began to tour with such groups as Slayer and Deftones. They have also gained much noteriety from playing major events as Ozzfest, Wacken Open Air, and Mayhem Festival. When people think of Hatebreed, their first thought is HATE...right?

"We started in 1994, and we were all big 'Misfits' fans and they had a song called Hatebreeders, which we covered on our cover album. We figured let's take off the "ers" and it fits the sound, take all the negativity in our life and make it into a positive, so it fits! We take the term 'hate' back and use it for good."

Road tours can be sometimes a very hectic experience, being locked in the same room with the same people every night. At some point though, we all gotta calm down at some point.

"Yea definatly, we have destroyed tour buses, hotel rooms, blown thousands of dollars partying which we shouldn't have done...should have put the money into college fund for my daughter. Interband fight club where their was blood drawn. Frank is pretty much the one the parties hard now, otherwise we have all matured."

Hatebreed being around for some time now, you do have to wonder who they have been talking to and see if we can expect any kind of bad ass tours coming up.

"For next year I have been thinking who it would be cool to go out with, I was thinking As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage once they become active again. Also we have been talking about hooking up with HellYeah and maybe doing something different. Like maybe with Cannibal Corpse or Morbid Angel."

Their most recent album Supremacy has been out for two years, and now they are on the Share The Welt Tour, what is next for Hatebreed?

Check out the full interview posted at the bottom here and you can find out! Don't miss Jamey Jasta's solo album 'Jasta' out now on iTunes and stores.