Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about Haddie's Calling, a non-profit organization that's helping educate parents with babies about safe sleep environments. How to make sure your child has a place where they can sleep and minimize the potential for suffocation.

Watch WZZM tonight at 6, as Lauren Stanton talks with Sandy, whose daughter Haddie passed away at nine months from an accidental suffocation at daycare. Out of this sad incident, Sandy began Haddie's Calling, to help teach parents about the things can be dangerous to your children while they sleep.

"Haddie’s Calling is a newly formed initiative that raises money to provide Safe Sleep sacks to families who need them.  It is our mission that every child wakes up and that families do not experience this tragedy."


It's not just making sure your home sleep environment is safe, but also at daycare, the babysitter's, the grandparent's home...everywhere your baby might sleep needs to be a safe environment for them.

Get more information at Haddie's Calling's website, or check out their Facebook page.

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