If you have been missing going to the gym over the past six months, good news for you, they will be opening again next week.

If you like to get pumped up, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has giving the green light for gyms to reopen next Wednesday and organized sports will be returning

According to WOOD, CEO of Planet Fitness Michigan Group Bryan Rief said, "I'm grinning from ear to ear and today was a huge sigh of relief."

Planet Fitness and gyms all across Michigan have been preparing for this day for nearly six months but not without a cost.

Gyms have had to spend big money disinfecting their establishment. Social distance workout areas, put in new protocols for cleaning equipment and keeping their customers safe. Not to mention the loss of revenue and members.

Many gyms and studios were able to have exercise classes outside and in some cases that increase visibility and helped a few businesses get new customers.

At the same time, many people purchased at home equipment and have not dropped their gym membership to workout at home.

I'm sure for many, going back to the gym will be a very big deal no to mention working out around others can be much more enjoyable than just you down in your basement.

One thing gyms should be conscience of is, because of COVID-19, many people began to start living a healthier life style and this could actually benefit gyms and maybe even get some new members in to replace some of the ones started working out at home.

Plus lets not forget those that packed on the COVID 15 pounds. They may now be looking for an outlet to shed some weight and join a gym.

No matter what, try and live better, stay healthy and workout anyway you can. It will be the best way to fight COVID-19 if you happen to be one of the ones who unfortunately catch it.

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