Guys, if you get into a huge argument with your girlfriend, first I would like to say, please don't dump gasoline all over her and threaten to light her on fire ok? But if you do, well then something like this could happen to you. Drinking with one of my best buds a few nights ago and he was telling me about a 25 year old Australian dude who gets home a little late from the bar, and his 23 year old girlfriend freaks out, starts screaming, and accusing him of cheating.

We all know it’s usually the chicks that do the cheating and tell the lies. But this chick was a complete bi polar roller coaster (one that most of you chicks ride all the time, you know what I'm talking about) so she starts smashing stuff around the house, the dude, who clearing is a dick because of what he did next. The guy grabs her by the wrist, drags her out into the garage, grabs the lawn mower gas can and pours it all over her!

Then he tells her if she doesn't shut up, he's going light her on fire! Well, chick starts to cry and apologizes. So they decide to make up, and go have a drink together on their back patio. They both crack a beer, he says he’s sorry, she says she's sorry, and then the chick pops a smoke in her mouth, fires up her lighter, and Ka-boom! Chicks whole body catches fire! I don't know who's more stupid, him for dousing her with gas, or her for not changing out of her gas soaked clothes before lighting a cigarette?

Dude stop dropped and rolled her, put the flames out, but she still ended up in a burn unit with 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over her body. The dude was arrested for assault, even though he didn't actually light her fire, he did pour the gas on her.

Guys it is so not cool pouring gas on a chick, and girls, it is so not cool accusing your dude of cheating when he's not! (you girls are always the ones who are way more guilty of that than we are!) And so what if he's a little late getting home from the bar, cut each other a little slack, and maybe no one goes up in flames!