Zakk Wylde made his name with Ozzy for a lot of years, before he started Black Label Society and grew a huge beard, became a Viking guitar god, and began to bulk up. He's played pretty much everywhere in the world, played pretty much every brand of guitar around, and knows what they should be.

So, naturally, he's decided to launch his own brand of guitars and amps, with Wylde Audio.

They do look a lot like his beloved Gibsons, but with enough cosmetic adjustment to keep from being sued...hopefully.

He's also got a series of amps, and will be branching out into pedals, effects, plugins, cables, vacuum cleaners...well, maybe not vacuum cleaners, but everything audio.

His goal is to build great quality gear, and to keep it at a lower cost, so everyone will be able to get a great guitar or amp and play. Hopefully things will work out, and I'm waiting to hear a good demo of the guitars and amps!

Here's Zakk talking a bit about why he started his own company, and playing a bit with his not-Les-Paul Wylde Audio guitar (it's called an Odin). You get to see all the prototypes in the video, so you can see what he's been working on.

I kind of like the pointy SG-meets-Flying-V body he's made.