Icy roads have caused lots of accidents these past few days in West Michigan.

Wood TV 8 reports that the GRPD responded to more than 75 car crashes Tuesday morning alone.

With 911 getting tons of calls, they say there is a way you can help.

GRPD posted to Facebook that if you are injured or cannot move out of the road, then you SHOULD call 911.

BUT,  if no one is injured, there is not a need to call 911 immediately and you do not have to wait for an officer to arrive if you are still able to drive your car.

For minor accidents, what you should do is exchange driver's license, registration, and insurance information with the other driver.

Do this quickly and as safely as possible, so you can avoid causing any other accidents.

You'll need to come to the GRPD within 72 hours to file a crash report.

Wood TV reports that most departments will also allow you to make a report over the phone.

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