So today, Sunday, February 2nd, is Groundhogs day, and in Pennsylvania, Punkastawny Phil predicted an early spring according to WZZM.  But how did Michigan's official Woodchuck do at predicting the next six weeks?

WXYZ Detroit says that Woody The Woodchuck failed to see her shadow this morning meaning spring will arrive early this year.  This was Woody's 21st year to help with Michigan's winter prediction.

I remember a couple of years ago, Turnip, one of the skunks at John Ball Zoo predicted an early spring, but I'm not sure that's still a thing at the zoo, especially this year as they've been under construction.

A real quick history of Groundhog's day - according to WZZM, it happens because of a German legend that says if a rodent sees its shadow on February 2nd (oddly specific date, huh?) then winter will continue.  Yes, technically it will be winter until March 21st, but it's more whether it will continue being cold and snowy, or will we see nicer weather.

Anyway, I'm thinking these rodents animals, Woody and Phil may be onto something as temperatures Sunday are expected to be in the mid-40s and started out with the first batch of sun we've seen in a couple of weeks now.



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