After long wait, seems like Greta Van Fleet are full steam ahead releasing new stuff from their upcoming second album "Battle at Garden's Gate".

Today the Michigan rockers shared a music video for the second single from the record, "Age of Machine."

The “Age of Machine” music video was co-directed by Greta Van Fleet and Matthew Daniel Siskin.

According to the band,

The video creates a new universe filled with symbolism and open to interpretation, with whispers of reflections on modernism. It is a response, a tiny piece of art in a very large conversation - four brothers and friends who spend very little time online, filled with questions - where is technology taking us, what does it all mean, and what are we trading in exchange? The video addresses the crumbling beauty around us, but leaves the final significance to the viewer - whether that narrative be focused on climate, industrialism, intimacy, self confidence, tradition, humanity itself, or otherwise. The only clear concept in the video is that the band chooses life.

Previously Greta Van Fleet released the "My Way, Soon" which they performed earlier this week on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Here's the official music video:

"The Battle At Garden's Gate" is set to be released April 16, 2021. The new album is available for preorder here.
According to Loudwire, singer Josh Kiszka has said of the new album, "There was a lot of self-evolution happening during the writing of this album that was prompted by experiences I had, experiences we all had, so a lot of contemplation occurred." His brother, guitarist Jake Kiska added, "It's reflecting a lot of the world that we've seen and I think that it's reflecting a lot of personal truth. What Josh does very well with the lyrics is telling ancient tales with a contemporary application."

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