In yesterday's video, we began the Grand Rapids Green Poop Challenge by eating the Halloween Whopper at Burger King. There are so many internet things that people talk about that turn out to be absolute crap, we just wanted to see if this one is real.

Does the black bun cause your poop to turn green?

We all ate the black bun burgers, and then it was a waiting game, to see if we'd have the same results people have been talking about on the internet.

Holy cow, this stuff really does turn your poop green! And not like a subtle sort of looks like you've pooped the Hulk into life! It's an aggressive, angry color green, and doesn't look like something that should EVER come out of a healthy human body.

Okay, so we're not exactly the poster children for the healthiest people around, but still, that color is not good.

Should you try it? Why not? It's not like you really have to jump through hoops to make it happen, it actually requires only enough effort to eat a burger and wait. It's a fun, festive holiday prank on yourself, and your poo.